Thyroid Troubles

Written by Danny A. Posted in Nutrition & Health

At a recent short talk on the basics of nutrition I asked how many people know someone with a thyroid problem. Out of 20 people about 13 raised their hands.  The thyroid is a complex arena and as usual it seems that conventional medicine is slightly behind the times.  Here are some key points from Mary […]


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I’m not sure why my inspirations have been coming to me in cars over these last few weeks but there you have it.  While driving with my family to lunch in Malibu on Pacific Coast Highway we noticed the heavy traffic on the other side of the road.  Comments where made how on the way […]


Written by Danny A. Posted in Living Yoga

I drove to big-sur today, one of my favorite places on the planet.  The combination of beautiful ocean views, towering trees, and rolling hills makes it truly breathtaking.  As my journey progressed from Los Angeles, the roads continually shrunk from a vast California freeway, to a two lane road, to finally a one lane road with […]
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