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I love being in India but one of the side effects of tasty oily Indian food, constant sweating, and an overconsumption of seductive fried tasty treats, is the wonderful protrusions on my face.  When the body’s systems begin to get clogged up its time to reset with a simple detox. Its also Spring time which [...]


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Today as we do every year we took time to visit several temples and immerse more in what is a daily ritual for many Indians.  What I love about going to temple is what I love so much about Indian culture, its rich!  Colorful lotus flower ceilings, oil lamps, a sweet fragrance of incense, an [...]

Are You in India?

Written by Danny A. Posted in Living Yoga

This is my 5th trip to this most precious land named India. Every time I come here I am reminded why I return again and again. It’s a mix of a rude awakening, immense humor, and unending warmth that reminds me to appreciate the diverse flavors of my human path. So how do you know [...]
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