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Being in Israel with my family is always a wonderful treat. Adventures, tasty food, movies, shows, and this time around a few rocket sirens to spice things up.  While everyone in my family inspires me in some particular way my grandma gets the award this time around, as she just turned 92.  A part of me […]

Slow Motion

Written by Danny A. Posted in Living Yoga

I went to a yoga class with mom the other day called “Yoga Therapy.” It was a sweet experience of many basic movements, but what I appreciated even more was the very very slow pace of the practice.  In our fast moving culture even much of yoga has jumped on the bandwagon of high speed. Slowing […]

Easy Sauce

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If you ever visit Israel, one of the most memorable aspects of this little country is the farmer’s market style fruits and veggies found everywhere. Tasty, fresh, and very nutritious! One morning during my visit I went for a run in the hot sun filled landscape. On my return I was caving something cooling and fresh. […]
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