Daily Slump

Written by Danny A. Posted in Nutrition & Health

Have you ever noticed that around 3pm in the afternoon you begin to feel a bit of a slump?  When it happens, many people reach for a cup of coffee,  sugary chocolate bar, or another sweet treat to provide an injection of energy. Sadly, these substances provide fake fuel, providing temporary relief but in the process throwing […]

Fed Up!

Written by Danny A. Posted in Living Yoga, Nutrition & Health

Many people in my life know that I am a sugar nazi (to read why click here) and some believe I am a bit too extreme, but after watching this documentary I am even more fired up.  What is going on around us every single day is absolutely barbaric and criminal. Profit is being prioritized over the […]


Written by Danny A. Posted in Living Yoga

One of the perils of being involved in training yoga teachers coupled with the fact of being a Virgo, is that I notice everything–both skillful and not so skillful–as I take a class. The other day I attended a class with a teacher who’s skill sets were below average: no intelligence in the flow, flyby hands on assists, […]
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